CBD Oil For Arthritis

Taking CBD for Arthritis, does it really work?  How much can it help?

Among the top 10 reasons people take hemp products lies Arthritis.  Does it really work?  Well, the Osteoarthritis Institute seems to think so.  Here’s what they have to say:

“CBD is not a replacement for prescription drug medications.  However, over 50% of our patients that take CBD or Hemp products along with their prescribed medications, do feel a noticeable increase in relief.  For some of them, it’s given them the extra help they needed, both mentally and physically, to do they daily exercises that keep their mobility working so well.”

What is Arthritis?

Although there are over 100 Arthritis types and variations, they all have one thing in common, joint inflammation causing debilitating pain.   In the United States alone, it affects over 50 million people, male and female, including 300k children.  It is mostly predominant in people over 65 years old.  With each type of Arthritis comes 1 or more causes and a plethora of treatment options making treatment very difficult.   In most cases, arthritic treatment is done by a trial and error process with one or a combination of therapies, medications, and changes in diet and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill.

Where does CBD fit into arthritic relief?

CBD is but one, of over 100, cannabinoids found in all cannabis plants.  However, it is most prevalent in Hemp.  CBD, or cannabidiol, has become them most readily available and widely used, non-psychoactive cannabinoid to date.  Cannabidiol and the other hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, or “plant cannabinoids”, work with your body’s existing endocannabinoid system to assist in bringing you back to homeostasis.  Cannabinoids basically go where they are needed so they’ve shown potential for a multitude of different ailments.

In a recent 2020 survey by Single Care, the #1 reason people take CBD products are for pain & inflammation.

what people use CBD for survey results by Single Care

However, the #1 reason people 65 years and older take CBD is for Arthritis or Arthritic pain.

It’s important to distinguish pain from inflammation.  Inflammation can cause pain.  But, so can a number of other things.   Pain does not affect inflammation at all.  Most pain management treatments block the signal from the

Pain is the brain’s way of saying “Hey body, something is not right, let me show you where it is.” Pain messages travel from the body’s injury to the brain and back through nerve fibers.  We each have a different amount of nerve fibers and their surrounding tissues, blood flow, etc. that allow one person to experience a different pain level than another.

Pain’s initial purpose is actually trying to protect you.  For example, you accidently touch a hot stove.  You immediately feel pain so you know to pull away as fast as possible.   However, pain can go from a defense mechanism to a debilitating, agonizing feeling when the injury becomes unfixable and permeant, or even worse… degenerative, like most types of arthritis are.

The most widely used treatment for pain are “pain pills”, or opiates or opioids.. These treat pain by blocking the signal the goes between the injury and the brain.   Although this may help, the underlying injury is still there and the moment the pills are gone, the pain immediately returns.

Sound like a solution?  No.

How does CBD help pain differently than opioids?

Do you want to target your therapy on the cause or just throw a temporary band aid on the effect?

If a you have a roof leak and water is dripping into your living room, do you just put a bucket underneath the leak and every 4 hours dump the water, or do you go fix the roof?

We’ve already learned that inflammation is a major component in Arthritis.  CBD, among other things, has become widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties and effectiveness.   We also know it true for the majority of people because 68% of CBD users that take it for their inflammation (which causes pain).  See a pattern.  The deadbolt is inflammation and CBD is the key.

CBD, instead of blocking the body’s message to the brain, target’s the inflammation that’s causing, or contributing to, the pain.  Ergo the inflammation subsides, and therefor so does the pain.


Does this mean Hemp Oil will help your arthritis?

If you search around online all the CBD companies will tell you it helps it.  But when you dig a little deeper into the mom bloggers “official blogs”, you’ll find mixed reviews about CBD from a wide variety of ages, both male and female.  It’s definitely a great plan and a very effective one for a lot of people, especially when combined with other treatments such as a good diet, exercise, and other arthritis medications.  However, it won’t solve everyone’s Arthritis.  More importantly to note is there are two very, very, very important variables we have to consider before making a decision about this data.  Here’s why.

Why CBD results vary for Arthritis

Underlying Conditions – Arthritis may not be the only thing wrong. For example, if you break your leg.  You can take CBD and let’s say, for example, the inflammation around your broken leg goes away completely.  Based on our earlier hypothesis, inflammation goes away so does the pain.  Not in this case.  Of course it still hurts!  You have a broken bone.  This is an extreme example but there can be other contributors that even if you solve one, the other is still there.  You can’t rely on CBD to try to fix everything in your life.   Treating arthritis is a collective approach of a multitude of treatments and lifestyle changes.

Arthritis is Complex – There are over 100 different types of arthritis, each with it’s own causes, effects, treatments.  In some inflammation is the cause, in others it’s the effect.  In some, there’s an underlying issue that will always supersede the inflammation pain. eg. bone-on-bone knee pain.  Pain may reduce when the internal pressure from the inflammation subsides but the moment you stand up it’s still painful bone on bone grinding.  Based on hearing personal testimonials from people over the years and numerous scientific studies, we know there are huge variations in the level of relief when used to help different types of Arthritis.

For the best possible treatment combination strategy, first and foremost, you have to determine the precise variation of Arthritis.

Arthritic Knee Pain

Main Types of Arthritis

  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Juvenile arthritis
  • Lupus erythematosus
  • Spondyloarthropathies
  • Infectious and reactive arthritis
  • Gout
Which one do you have?

Plan of attack.

Regardless of whether CBD has you doing jumping jacks again or isn’t the right solution for your type of arthritis, it’s worth a try because the majority of people do find some Arthritic pain relief.  Just as important, even more of those people found that CBD Oil or a Whole Plant Hemp Oil helped with better sleep, mood, and overall wellbeing.  Better sleep can have a synergistic effect for a multitude of benefits.  Here are some great recommendations to help choose the right hemp product for you:

  • Buy Whole Plant Hemp Oil instead of CBD Oil.  Whole Plant Hemp Oil has over 100 cannabinoids including CBD, whereas most of the CBD Oils only have CBD and aren’t as effective as a whole plant product.
  • Take 40-50mg per day
  • Take 1/2 of your daily dose in the am, and the other 1/2 in the evening
  • Allow at least 2 weeks for CBD and the other cannabinoids to build up in your body before gauging the products effectiveness
  • If the pain is extreme, take a Delta-8 THC Gummy IN ADDITION TO the Whole Plant regimen.   Delta-8 THC is naturally occurring, hemp-derived cannabinoid.  It’s legal in every state and is a near identical medical marijuana substitute.  It does the same thing. In fact most people prefer Delta-8 over marijuana (delta-9 THC) products.


Other Therapies include:

Eat Healthy – plant based diets work great.  Stay away from meat, eggs, saturated fat, sugar, and salt.

Lose some weight –  take some pressure of your joints

Try acupuncture

Daily meditation

Take some turmeric daily

Weekly massages


For anyone wanting to try a CBD product for the first time, click here.  The Whole Plant Gummies work great.